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Reality B – Download Game

Reality B is a challenging physics bending first person puzzle platformer in which you jump between five different dimensions, using their unique constructs to help to traverse the game world.

In Reality B you have a nifty little portal gun, … Read More

This Little Planet – Download Game

This Little Planet is a short narrative based planet building game in which you help an omnipotent being create the perfect planet by solving shadow based puzzles.

Taking around five minutes to complete, This Little Planet sees you helping a … Read More

Detective Horis: Episode 1 – Download Game

Detective Horis: Episode 1 is a bat shit crazy adventure in which you play a wisecracking horse detective who sets out to solve a series of murders.

Detective Horis is a talking anthropomorphic horse who makes Bojack Horseman look like … Read More

Sprout – Download Game

Sprout is a charming and creative little puzzle adventure that sees you growing a seed into different types of trees as it tries to traverse the games stylish hand drawn landscape.

In Sprout you start as a little seed on … Read More

Seedship – Browser Game

Seedship is a fantastic browser based roguelike space exploration game in which you decide the actions of a seedship that contains the final living remnants of humanity and attempt to find them a suitable planet to colonise.

In Seedship you … Read More

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