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My Boyfriend the Necromancer – Download Game

My boyfriend the necromancer

My Boyfriend the Necromancer is a funny, charming and inventive little gay necromancing puzzle adventure in which you have to figure out various spells and free a man who has literally waited a lifetime to be with you.

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AFK – Browser Game

AFK game

Ever have one of those days where where no matter how hard you try you can’t manage to get any work done? Well AFK takes that to extremes as you play a hapless worker who attempts to get some work … Read More

Alien Caseno – Download Game

Alien Caseno download

Alien Caseno is a very silly and funny little low poly experience in which you explore an alien re-interpretation of a human casino, filled with odd looking aliens and little notes that express the wonderfully naive view the aliens have … Read More

The Adventures of Butt Saves Christmas – Download Game

Adventures of Butt Saves Christmas

The Adventures of Butt Saves Christmas is the silliest, lewdest and crudest game you’ll play this festive season in which you help a flying butt save his friend (Barf) from Satan in a strange blend of puzzle based adventuring and … Read More

Christmas Time – Browser Game

christmas time game

Christmas Time is a fabulously inventive browser based festive puzzler in which you play the game in two browser tabs at once – one which represents the present time and one that’s set 15 minutes in the past!

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