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Still Heroes: Episode 1 – Download Game

Still Heroes is a beautifully drawn interactive comic book about friendship, life and superpowers.

In Still Heroes you follow the story of Emeline, a young woman who dreams of being a superheroine along with her two friends. They regularly meets … Read More

Luminous – Download Game

Luminous is a stylish retro action platforming adventure in which you set out to vanquish darkness from the land, but what is the real source of the darkness in your life?

In Luminous you take control of Keith, a normal … Read More

All Our Asias – Download Game

All Our Asias is a surreal retro adventure that sees you exploring your dying father’s memories to try and get to know him better.

In All Our Asias you take on the role of Yuito, a Japanese-American hedge fund analyst … Read More

Optikammer – Browser Game

Optikammer is an informative and beautifully crafted interactive experience that plots how optical curiosities of the 1800’s evolved into the precursors of animation and cinema.

Optikammer is one of those wonderful rarities that manages to make learning fun. It takes … Read More

Live Portrait Maker – Browser Game

Live Portrait Maker is a browser based creation tool that allows you to craft all manner of beautifully animated 2.5D girl portraits.

Live Portrait Maker is very much like a character creator in an RPG, without all the hassle of … Read More

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