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Vinyl – Download Game

Vinyl is a wonderfully weird blend of Hotline Miami-esque top-down insta-death action, noir graphic novel visuals and rhythm action jazz fusion QTEs!

In Vinyl you are sitting in your home listening to a record when all of a sudden … Read More

MOVING – Browser Game

MOVING is a strangely beautiful little game in which you control a parasitic plant that takes over the minds of deer and battles monkeys as it attempt to spread through the world.

In MOVING you control a parasitic plant that … Read More

Orb Flight – Download Game

Orb Flight is a beautiful chilled out flying game that sees you soaring around an island and discovering its many nooks and crannies as you collect the glowing orbs that are scattered around it.

Orb Flight is a very peaceful … Read More

Fresnel – Download Game

Fresnel is a super surreal experimental first person experience with puzzle elements, that sees you exploring a diverse array of abstract environments that visualise the feeling of being confused.

Don’t worry if you get confused while playing Fresnel – that’s … Read More

Shadows – Browser Game

Shadows is a tricky first person puzzle platformer in which only the shadows tell the truth and objects that look solid can be mere illusions.

Shadows is set in a high contrast black and white world where the only way … Read More

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