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American Mall – Browser Game

American Mall is a fast paced business management game that highlights the plight of brick and mortar shopping malls as they try to survive in a world that is increasingly shifting towards online commerce.

Decades of overbuilding and the rise … Read More

Room669 – Download Game

Room669 is a very funny first person puzzle adventure that takes place within a freeze-framed snapshot of a particularly anarchic university riot.

In Room669 all the students are up in arms about the future of room 666. It’s been sealed … Read More

Football Evo – Download Game

Football Evo is a very cool football (Soccer) simulator that uses neural networks to evolve the AI of the teams as they play, slowly turning shaping them from morons that run around in circles to (fairly) highly skilled athletes that … Read More

Juan the Explosive – Download Game

Juan the Explosive is a short and silly co-operative multiplayer arcade game in which you attempt to binge watch the ‘Juan the Explosive’ TV show before the world ends!

The world is about to end due to an impending collision … Read More

Just a Few More Doors – Download Game

Just a Few More Doors is a funny little game that trolls you as you make your way through a seemingly endless loop of doors, with a promise that all you have to do is “open the door to win”.… Read More

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