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One of Them – Download Game

One of Them is a dark and disturbing first person horror adventure that sees you trapped in a strange facility with “Them” – freaky demonic beings with glowing red eyes.

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, in One of ThemRead More

Ten Terrifying Treats For Halloween!

To celebrate the approach of All Hallows Eve, here are some of your favourite free horror games from the past year.  Hope you like them, have a happy Halloween!

FAITH – Incredibly Intense exorcism adventure that squeezes a surprising amount … Read More

Dungeoneers – Browser Game

Dungeoneers is an addictive and very well polished turn based dungeon crawling RPG that sees you exploring caverns, mines, ruins and tunnels as you hunt down the dragons that are terrorising a nearby village.

Played entirely in your browser, DungeoneersRead More

Salamander: The Lost Kitty – Download Game

Salamander: The Lost Kitty is a short, beautifully drawn and surprisingly powerful little point and click adventure/visual novel hybrid that sees you exploring a spooky old house in search of a cat.

Based on the Salamander webcomic, Salamander: The Read More

Staircase – Download Game

Staircase is a wonderful meditative experience that gives you a place to reflect on your fears, your hopes and yourself as you travel down its beautiful staircase through the stars.

Staircase isn’t a game you can win or lose, it’s … Read More

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