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Through the Screen – Download Game

Through the Screen is an incredibly touching and wonderfully geeky visual novel adventure that tells the true tale of finding love via fanfiction.

Through the Screen tells the true story of two young fanfiction writers who find love in a … Read More

Room669 – Download Game

Room669 is a very funny first person puzzle adventure that takes place within a freeze-framed snapshot of a particularly anarchic university riot.

In Room669 all the students are up in arms about the future of room 666. It’s been sealed … Read More

The Alpha Device – Download Game

The Alpha Device weaves an epic Arthur C. Clarke-esque sci-fi mystery as you piece together the narrative from large black monoliths that are scattered around a vast decaying megastructure in deep space.

In The Alpha Device you find yourself floating … Read More

The Bleeding – Download Game

The Bleeding is a super tough retro horror adventure with CGA-styled visuals and brutal boss fights, which sees you trying to escape a strange old mansion whilst bleeding to death.

The Bleeding has a lot in common with FAITH – … Read More

Supergun – Browser Game

Supergun is a highly addictive high score chasing arcade shooter with stylish retro 3D visuals and an incredibly catchy electronic soundtrack.

In Supergun you pilot your spaceship along a randomized obstacle course populated by differently colored blocks and power-ups. You … Read More

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