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The Confraternity of Toast – Download Game

The Confraternity of Toast is a silly, strange, surreal and slightly sinister first person puzzle platforming adventure that sees you completing three tests to allow you to join a bizarre cult of toast people (whether you want to or not!)… Read More

Resurgent – Download Game

Resurgent is a tense, stylish and atmospheric narrative driven adventure that sees you scavenging food, sneaking past zombies and searching for safety in a post-apocalyptic city.

In Resurgent you take control of a lone survivor who’s trying to survive and … Read More

Way of the Wolf – Download Game

Way of the Wolf is a well crafted stealth action adventure in which you and your AI wolf companion ambush robots and take down an evil mega-corporation that’s destroying your home.

In Way of the Wolf you take control of … Read More

Return of the Tentacle: Prologue – Download Game

Return of the Tentacle: Prologue is a fantastic fan made sequel to the Lucasarts classic Day of the Tentacle, which sees Purple Tentacle up to his old tricks and Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie attempting to put an end to … Read More

Rooms – Download Game

Rooms is a wonderfully disorientating first person puzzle adventure that sees you taking in beautiful vistas and navigating an Escher-esque non-eucledian space.

In Rooms you find yourself trapped within a network of logically impossible rooms, many of which have windows … Read More

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