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CircL – Download Game

CircL game

CircL is a wonderfully macabre blend of tactical voting and backstabbing in which you attempt to influence votes as you play one of twelve people who must vote on which one of them dies next!

In CircL you play one … Read More

Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) – Download Game

Sara is missing download

Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) is a masterpiece of modern game design that uses a smart phone interface to tell a tale of occultist horror as you try and track down the owner of a phone you just found.

You have … Read More

And Then There Were None – Download Game

And Then There Were None download

And Then There Were None is a wonderfully atmospheric platforming metroidvania in which you follow the instructions of a strange voice on the radio in the near whiteout conditions of a blizzard.

There are many ways to die in And Read More

Lady Ice – Download Game

Lady Ice game

Lady Ice is a creepy first person horror in which you attempt to avoid the dark and (more importantly) avoid Lady Ice as you ride out a storm in an old log cabin.

Lady Ice is a ghoulish apparition that … Read More

Exposure – Download Game

Exposure game

Exposure is a very stylish, surreal and creepy first person psychological horror game, played entirely via the viewpoint of a portable video camera, in which you play a person who is spending their first night in their new apartment – … Read More

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