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The Confraternity of Toast – Download Game

The Confraternity of Toast is a silly, strange, surreal and slightly sinister first person puzzle platforming adventure that sees you completing three tests to allow you to join a bizarre cult of toast people (whether you want to or not!)… Read More

Wails For Freedom – Download Game

Wails For Freedom is a creepy Outlast inspired low poly first person horror game that sees you controlling a wheelchair-bound protagonist who is attempting to escape from a haunted asylum.

In Wails For Freedom you wake up in a freaky … Read More

Resurgent – Download Game

Resurgent is a tense, stylish and atmospheric narrative driven adventure that sees you scavenging food, sneaking past zombies and searching for safety in a post-apocalyptic city.

In Resurgent you take control of a lone survivor who’s trying to survive and … Read More

The Shape On The Ground – Download Game

The Shape On The Ground is a sinister little first person experience that sees you completing a series of Rorschach-esque psychological tests within a creepy papercraft town.

In The Shape On The Ground you find yourself in a bizarre papercraft … Read More

Project:Kepler – Download Game

Project:Kepler is a creepy first person Sci-Fi horror adventure that sees you avoiding space zombies and using a gravity gun to move objects as you attempt to escape a critically damaged space station.

In Project:Kepler you find yourself trapped in … Read More

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