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Optikammer – Browser Game

Optikammer is an informative and beautifully crafted interactive experience that plots how optical curiosities of the 1800’s evolved into the precursors of animation and cinema.

Optikammer is one of those wonderful rarities that manages to make learning fun. It takes … Read More

Impeached! – Browser Game

Impeached! Is a very funny little satirical game that puts you in the role of the “President of The United Republic of the People’s Territories of States” and sees you signing bizarre executive orders and defending them as the media … Read More

Semantris – Browser Game

Semantris is an addictive word based puzzler that’s powered by Google’s machine learning AI, in which you attempt to guess the words most associated with the ones you’re trying to eliminate.

Semantris is playable in two different modes – Arcade … Read More

Rolling Bird – Download Game

Rolling Bird is a very cool and very tough retro side scrolling shooter that sees you dodging bullets and blasting enemies as you infiltrate a hideout packed with heavily armed terrorists.

Drawing inspiration from Namco’s 1986 Rolling Thunder, Rolling Read More

Live Portrait Maker – Browser Game

Live Portrait Maker is a browser based creation tool that allows you to craft all manner of beautifully animated 2.5D girl portraits.

Live Portrait Maker is very much like a character creator in an RPG, without all the hassle of … Read More

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