Category: io Games (page 1 of 6) – Browser Game is as simple but fun Call of Duty-esque multiplayer military shooter that allows for fast paced FPS combat playable in your browser. offers a simple, streamlined and focused take on multiplayer FPS, allowing for fast paced multiplayer … Read More

Zombs Royale – Browser Game

Zombs Royale is an easily accessible browser based top-down battle royale game that features fast paced 100 player last man standing matches that take just a few minutes to complete.

Zombs Royale is a surprisingly fully featured battle royale game, … Read More

PumpUp Hero! – Browser Game

PumpUp Hero! is an addictive little browser based multiplayer superhero game that sees you flying through the air and attempting to land attacks on your opponents with your fist.

In PumpUp Hero! you fly through the air earning points, growing … Read More

Game Inc – Browser Game

Game Inc is an addictive browser based multiplayer game development company management sim in which you churn out web, mobile and AAA games to make a profit and sue your rivals for even more cash.

In Game Inc you find … Read More – Browser Game is a very addictive browser based multiplayer helicopter warfare game that blends fast paced top down combat and QIX-esque area capture gameplay as you attempt to amass as much territory as possible on the map.

In you … Read More

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