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Jump Doper – Browser Game

jump doper game

Jump Doper is a fun little game in which you play jump rope with a variety of odd low poly objects using a skipping rope that slices you to pieces every time you make a mistake.

The gameplay in Jump Read More

Catch Your Chance – Browser Game

Catch Your Chance game

Catch Your Chance is a charming little skill based game in which you attempt to manoeuvre your arm into different positions whilst in the cinema to impress your date and hopefully score that first kiss.

You are a little frog … Read More

Unmind – Browser Game

unmind game

Unmind is a simple, but very addictive and deceptively tricky dot-sliding puzzler in which you attempt to manoeuvre dots into their respective holes in as few turns as possible.

Unmind is very easy to pick up and play – you … Read More

Cat in Japan – Browser Game

cat in japan

Cat in Japan is a fun little point and click puzzler in which you help a cat find all the rolls of sushi that are hidden around a Japanese apartment.

Created by Bart Bonte (Where is Cat?, What’s Read More

FAIF – Browser Game


FAIF is a unique tile based puzzle RPG with a unique gambling-focused combat system in which players do combat by selecting five adjacent tiles from a grid, which represent your five possible actions, then hoping that the one they want … Read More

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