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Lumin – Download Game

Lumin is a beautiful little atmospheric first person puzzle adventure that sees you manipulating light to help you send fallen stars back into the sky.

In Lumin you take on the role of an ethereal being who has the ability … Read More

Mind Ripple – Download Game

Mind Ripple is an eerie little puzzle platforming adventure that sees you travelling into dead monster’s bodies and using telekinetic powers to move objects.

In Mind Ripple your character has a nifty ability to telekinetically move objects in the game … Read More

13 Gates – Download Game

13 Gates is a challenging speedrunning first person dodge ‘em up that sees you racing through 13 challenging levels populated by deadly enemies.

Your aim in each level is to make it to the end in one piece as you … Read More

Shadowbright – Browser Game

Shadowbright is a cleverly crafted puzzle platformer in which most of the platforms are only solid when they are illuminated by a lightsource.

In each single screen level of Shadowbright your goal is simply to reach the exit. Some structures … Read More

Mobility – Download Game

Mobility is a stylish little precision platforming adventure that’s designed to be accessible for players of all skill levels while also offering a real challenge for those who want it.

In Mobility you take control of a charming little blocky … Read More

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