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Cure – Download Game

Cure is a stylish 2D action platforming adventure that sees you rescuing spirits and attempting to track down the source of the evil which has infected your sacred forest.

In Cure you take control of a little ninja-like character who … Read More

Sun of the Children – Download Game

Sun of the Children is a short and beautiful 2.5D dual control puzzle platforming adventure in which you attempt to unite a land-bound Stardust Boy and a water-bound Grasshair Girl.

Taking around 10 mnutes to complete, Sun of the ChildrenRead More

Just Push The Button – Browser Game

Just Push The Button is a clever little metagame puzzle adventure that sees you activating functions within the game so that you can push the button.

Just Push The Button takes around 10 minutes to play through and is best … Read More

Freeze The Core – Download Game

Freeze The Core is a quirky little geological platformer in which you attempt to carry three lumps of ice to the core of a planet to stop it from erupting molten lava.

Freeze The Core takes place on a little … Read More

Dungeons Forever – Download Game

Dungeons Forever is a precision puzzle platformer that allows you to build, play and share your own levels and attempt to make your way through a near-infinite amount of community created content.

Dungeons Forever offers easily accessible build, share and … Read More

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