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Devil’s Tuning Fork – Download Game

Devil’s Tuning Fork is a very cool first person puzzle adventure in which you use echolocation to make your way through a pitch black limbo you’re trapped in.

In Devil’s Tuning Fork you take on the role of a child … Read More

Borgo The Cat – Download Game

Borgo The Cat is an adorable little physics based puzzle platformer that sees you attempting to maneuver a rotund little cat around its stylish minimalist game world.

In Borgo The Cat you control a rather overweight little cat which you … Read More

Shadows – Browser Game

Shadows is a tricky first person puzzle platformer in which only the shadows tell the truth and objects that look solid can be mere illusions.

Shadows is set in a high contrast black and white world where the only way … Read More

Think to Die 2 – Download Game

Think to Die 2 is a fun physics based puzzle platformer in which you attempt to kill your character by any means possible across 95 deviously designed levels where death doesn’t come easy!

While in most platformers it’s a struggle … Read More

Eye Must Jump – Download Game

Eye Must Jump is a frantic reflex testing hardcore precision platformer played with just two buttons as you attempt to propel yourself upwards through 48 deviously designed levels.

The controls in Eye Must Jump are simple – you can jump … Read More

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