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The Light City of Karola – Download Game

The Light City of Karola Game Download

The Light City of Karola is a beautiful little hardcore precision platformer in which you have to rush through each level before your charge runs out.

Created for Ludum Dare 39, in The Light City of Karola you control a … Read More

Sleepy Orphan Simulator – Download Game

sleepy orphan simulator game download

Sleepy Orphan Simulator is a very strange and rather creepy little puzzle platformer in which you control individual sections of your little orphan independently as he attempts to get to bed before falling asleep.

In Sleepy Orphan Simulator you can … Read More

Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief – Download Game

Halen Ballad of the Blad thief Game Download

Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief is a slick third person action platforming adventure with a great sense of humor in which you and a sentient sword attempt to escape from a deadly robot-filled temple.

In Halen: Ballad of the Read More

Hoverator – Browser Game

Hoverator Game

Hoverator is a simple, but addictive little game the blends the gameplay of The Helicopter Game with dual control physics based rocketry as you attempt to use two thrusters to guide your craft through a randomly generated cavern.

The goal … Read More

Mega Maker – Download Game

Mega Maker Game Download

Mega Maker allows players to build, play and share Mega Man levels using a Mario Maker-style suite of easily accessible editing tools and a wide array of tile sets, enemies and bosses.

Created by dedicated fans of the Blue … Read More

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