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California Jane – Browser Game

California Jane is a fun dungeon crawling puzzle adventure that sees you avoiding traps, pitfalls and monsters as you attempt to esacpe from a dungeon with the “Amulet of Everlasting Eternal Immortality”.

In California Jane you take on the role … Read More

The Navigator – Download Game

The Navigator is a chilled out 2D puzzle platformer that sees you using a grappling hook to help you align celestial objects to allow you to continue your journey through the seas.

Drawing inspiration from The Little Prince and the … Read More

The Confraternity of Toast – Download Game

The Confraternity of Toast is a silly, strange, surreal and slightly sinister first person puzzle platforming adventure that sees you completing three tests to allow you to join a bizarre cult of toast people (whether you want to or not!)… Read More

Way of the Wolf – Download Game

Way of the Wolf is a well crafted stealth action adventure in which you and your AI wolf companion ambush robots and take down an evil mega-corporation that’s destroying your home.

In Way of the Wolf you take control of … Read More

Alucard – Download Game

Alucard is a stylish puzzle platforming adventure in which you control a half-vampire who must simultaneously travel through the real world and the mirrored world to save his sister’s soul.

In Alucard you control a half-vampire half-human who can switch … Read More

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