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The Map Zoom Quiz – Browser Game

The Map Zoom Quiz Game

The Map Zoom Quiz is a simple Google Maps-based game in which you attempt to identify various places in the world as the map zooms out from a starting zoomed-in location.

In The Map Zoom Quiz you are given … Read More

Yurei Station – Download Game

Yurei Station Game Download

Yurei Station is a beautiful hand painted puzzle adventure game that draws inspiration from Japanese ghost stories, as you play a girl taking a night train to a mysterious destination after receiving some very eerie text messages.

Note: The following Read More

Congamoeba: The Amoebic Friendship Simulator – Browser Game

Congamoeba game

Congamoeba: The Amoebic Friendship Simulator is a charming little Simon-esque puzzler in which you learn a strange amoebic language, copy friendly greetings and build a massive conga line of amoeba friends!

In Congamoeba your goal is to help an amoeba … Read More

iii – Download Game

iii game download

iii is a charming and mysterious little metroidvania in which you play a one-eyed cat who explores underground cavern systems, offers assistance to people he meets and earns new skills and the ability to flip between multiple dimensions.

At the … Read More

Den – Browser Game

Den Game Download

Den is a very short but very satisfying little game created for Ludum Dare 38 in which you control a massive fox-cat-wolf-lemur-ferret monster as it eats people and attempts to escape from a facility.

Den can be completed in just … Read More

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