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Normal Human Face Simulator – Download Game

Normal Human Face Simulator is a wonderfully grotesque combat game in which you literally bite the face off your opponent!

The aim in Normal Human Face Simulator is to destroy your opponent’s face by lunging at them, biting them and … Read More

House Party – Download Game

House Party is a very silly Gang Beasts-esque physics based brawler that sees you attempting to remove badly behaved house guests from a party after the onset of a particularly bad migraine.

In House Party you take on the … Read More

Hi No Homo – Browser Game

Hi No Homo Game

Hi No Homo is a quirky little QWOP-like awkward greeting simulator in which randomised pairs of gay men and lesbians meet, greet and hug each other!

Playable with two players locally (or single player if you like), Hi No HomoRead More

ESC – Download Game

ESC Game Download

ESC is a challenging little game in which you attempt to protect a little Escape key from being attacked by the rest of the keys on a keyboard, with you pressing the corresponding key on your keyboard to smash them!… Read More

Gelf – Browser Game

Gelf Game

Gelf is a wonderfully wobbly little QWOP-like golfing game in which you attempt to hit a ball as far as possible using a floppy noodle golf club.

Gelf is a very short game, with you simply given three shots to … Read More

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