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Dicey Dungeons – Browser Game

Dicey Dungeons is a very addictive dice-based roguelike dungeon crawler from Terry Cavanagh (Super Hexagon, VVVVVV, Tiny Heist) that offers a very creative take on the genre, with your weapons, equipment and player classes having a dramatic effect … Read More

Deck Quest – Download Game

Deck Quest is an addictive card based dungeon crawling roguelike adventure in which you battle monsters, level up your characters and collect cool loot as you travel across pixel art fantasy land.

In Deck Quest you explore a charming pixel … Read More

Bloodworks – Download Game

Bloodworks is a simple but very addictive Crimsonland-esque roguelike top down twin stick shooter that sees you fighting for survival in a wasteland full of hordes of deadly monsters.

The goal of Bloodworks is simply to survive for as … Read More

Seedship – Browser Game

Seedship is a fantastic browser based roguelike space exploration game in which you decide the actions of a seedship that contains the final living remnants of humanity and attempt to find them a suitable planet to colonise.

In Seedship you … Read More

Tiny Frontier Saga – Browser Game

Tiny Frontier Saga Game

Tiny Frontier Saga is an addictive retro Wild West roguelike in which you play a lone sherrif who enters a randomly generated bandit hideout to rescue his beloved who’s been kidnapped.

Tiny Frontier Saga is easy to pick up and … Read More

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