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10 Mississippi – Browser Game

10 Mississippi is a strange little browser based stop motion game that sees you carrying out your daily routine via a series of QTE’s.

10 Mississippi is played entirely in first person via stop motion photography by pressing different commands … Read More

Impeached! – Browser Game

Impeached! Is a very funny little satirical game that puts you in the role of the “President of The United Republic of the People’s Territories of States” and sees you signing bizarre executive orders and defending them as the media … Read More

ASMR – Download Game

ASMR is a very strange ASMR YouTube video simulator in which you type on the keyboard to try and discover the games hidden message.

ASMR, for those unaware, is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – a physical sensation … Read More

Concourse X-Ray – Download Game

Concourse X-Ray is a tricky little airport security agent sim that ses you using X-Ray glasses to spot passengers that are carrying prohibited items!

Set in the year 2025, in Concourse X-Ray you take on the role of a lone … Read More

Football Evo – Download Game

Football Evo is a very cool football (Soccer) simulator that uses neural networks to evolve the AI of the teams as they play, slowly turning shaping them from morons that run around in circles to (fairly) highly skilled athletes that … Read More

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