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Genetic Rockets – Browser Game

Genetic Rockets

Genetic Rockets is an oddly addictive experimental blend of rockets, genetic evolution and physics simulation in which the goal is for a rocket to naturally evolve that’s capable of making it into outer space.

You can’t really describe Genetic RocketsRead More

Self Control – Download Game

self control game download

Self Control is a fun little game in which you attempt to take photos at an office party, calling your distracted co-workers and timing your shots to best please your boss.

In Self Control you play a junior employee who’s … Read More

Corporation Inc. – Browser Game

Corporation inc game

Corporation Inc. is a very addictive little business management game in which you build a tower block, cram it full of employees then try to make them work as hard as possible to make as much profit as you can … Read More

Dust Sucker – Download Game

dust sucker game

Dust Sucker is a short and very strange blend of vacuum cleaning simulation and supernatural oddity in which you suck up all you can with a very high powered vacuum cleaner!

Dust Sucker is very short, and can be completed … Read More

The Founder – Browser game

The Founder game

The Founder is an easily accessible, but surprisingly deep browser based business management sim set in a dystopian world where the dot com bubble well and truly popped.

In The Founder you start off with a small Silicon Valley-style tech … Read More

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