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Way of the Wolf – Download Game

Way of the Wolf is a well crafted stealth action adventure in which you and your AI wolf companion ambush robots and take down an evil mega-corporation that’s destroying your home.

In Way of the Wolf you take control of … Read More – Browser Game is a massively multiplayer browser based assassination game in which you attempt to blend in with a crowd and assassinate other players without being bummped off yourself.

In you roam an area that’s populated with a crowd of … Read More

Tunky – Download Game

Tunky is a simple, but effective low rez first person horror adventure that sees you searching a home to find objects that will help you escape, while a freaky red creature called Tunky patrols the hallway.

In Tunky you find … Read More

Hide and Shriek – Download Game

Hide and Shriek is a multiplayer first person 1v1 scare ‘em up that sees invisible players setting traps and casting spells in an attempt to scare the crap out of their opponents!

In Hide and Shriek Every halloween selected students … Read More

Lumen – Download Game

lumen game download

Lumen is a short and spooky third person puzzle platforming adventure in which you play a young girl who wakes up in a nightmarish realm with a camera that can be used to manipulate objects in the game world.

Taking … Read More

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