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The Founder – Browser game

The Founder game

The Founder is an easily accessible, but surprisingly deep browser based business management sim set in a dystopian world where the dot com bubble well and truly popped.

In The Founder you start off with a small Silicon Valley-style tech … Read More

Anti Chess – Browser Game

anti chess game

Anti Chess is a great new twist on an age old game, in which the only way to win is to lose all your pieces!

Losing all your pieces may sound like an east task, but it’s actually just as … Read More

Rent For 30 Seconds – Browser Game

Rent For 30 Seconds game

Rent For 30 Seconds is a charming and surprisingly challenging little management sim in which you rent a room to customers for 30 seconds and the amount you make is dependent on the Rent Advisor rating they give you.

You … Read More

CircL – Download Game

CircL game

CircL is a wonderfully macabre blend of tactical voting and backstabbing in which you attempt to influence votes as you play one of twelve people who must vote on which one of them dies next!

In CircL you play one … Read More

Lost in Pandation – Browser Game

lost in pandition

Lost in Pandation is a very tough little survival game in which you play an iPanda, a next gen personal assistant, who must harvest bamboo and oily fruit as you attempt to survive and escape from a wintery apocalypse.

Life … Read More

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