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Public Canvas – Browser Game

Public Canvas game

Public Canvas is a fun little shared virtual canvas in which you can sketch anything you like and a cool little drawing robot will then draw it for you on the canvas for all to see!

Public Canvas is more … Read More

Hug Me I’m Cold – Browser Game

hug me im cold

Hug Me I’m Cold is a charming little New Year-themed game in which you try to impress the girl of your dreams on a night when the world is going to end.

You’ve arranged to meet up with a girl … Read More

Feeding The Forgotten – Download Game

feeding the forgotten

Feeding The Forgotten is a beautiful, heartfelt game in which you play a good samaritan who takes a little time out of their day each week to help people in need, spreading a little joy and giving those who really … Read More

ClickClickClick.Click – Browser Game

clickclickclick click

ClickClickClick.Click is a very strange and slightly unsettling blend of incremental clicking, experimentation and digital surveilance thats full of odd little surprises that really throw you off balance.

We won’t say too much to spoil ClickClickClick.Click for you as most … Read More

Quick, Draw! – Browser Game

Quick Draw game

Quick, Draw! is a clever little experimental game in which you attempt to sketch objects in just 20 seconds while an AI neural network attempts to recognize them.

In each game of Quick, Draw! you will be given six different … Read More

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