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edges2cats – Browser Game

edges2cats game

edges2cats is a fun interactive playtoy in which you sketch out the outline of a cat then watch in awe (or horror) as it auto-generates a full picture – often with hilarious results.

edges2cats is part of a larger project … Read More

Freedom Through a Lens – Download Game

freedom through a lens game

Freedom Through a Lens is a short narrative-focused exploration game that highlights the role of the press, as you take photos and talk to protesters who have gathered to voice their opinions on a new law that has been implemented … Read More

Public Canvas – Browser Game

Public Canvas game

Public Canvas is a fun little shared virtual canvas in which you can sketch anything you like and a cool little drawing robot will then draw it for you on the canvas for all to see!

Public Canvas is more … Read More

Hug Me I’m Cold – Browser Game

hug me im cold

Hug Me I’m Cold is a charming little New Year-themed game in which you try to impress the girl of your dreams on a night when the world is going to end.

You’ve arranged to meet up with a girl … Read More

Feeding The Forgotten – Download Game

feeding the forgotten

Feeding The Forgotten is a beautiful, heartfelt game in which you play a good samaritan who takes a little time out of their day each week to help people in need, spreading a little joy and giving those who really … Read More

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