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Librood – Download Game

Librood is a stylish and surreal little narrative adventure in which a girl with a very powerful imagination manifests objects and becomes more secluded with every book she reads.

In Librood your character has a mysterious illness that affects her … Read More

Staircase – Download Game

Staircase is a wonderful meditative experience that gives you a place to reflect on your fears, your hopes and yourself as you travel down its beautiful staircase through the stars.

Staircase isn’t a game you can win or lose, it’s … Read More

Project Explosion – Download Game

Project Explosion Game Download

Project Explosion is fun physics based puzzle platformer that sees you attempting to survive and escape from slow motion explosions that decimate surrounding structures, sending debris flying everywhere!

Project Explosion features 10 levels in total (including tutorial levels), each of … Read More

Short Trip – Browser Game

Short Trip Game

Short Trip is a super chilled out little interactive experience in which you operate a little tram as it travels through beautifully hand drawn villages and scenic countryside.

The actual gameplay in Short Trip is fairly minimal, you simply drive … Read More

Monument – Download Game

Monument Game Download

Monument is a positive and uplifting experience in which you explore a crater, plant trees, leave messages to others and read messages of hope left by those before you.

More of an interactive social experience than a game, in MonumentRead More

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