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C_finement R__m – Download Game

Confinement Room Game

C_finement R__m is a unique little puzzle platformer in which you’re given clues in the form of riddles and word puzzles about which letter on the keyboard you’re supposed to press to allow you to escape the room.

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Obelisk – Browser Game

Obelisk Game Download

Obelisk is a beautiful isometric puzzle adventure in which you manipulate nine columns to create a path to allow your characters reach the exit.

Each level in Obelisk is made up of nine vertical columns arranged in a square shape. … Read More

Floraison – Download Game

Floraison game download

Floraison is a gorgeous little contemplative planet exploration game in which you pilot a ship around three barren planets, spreading life in your wake.

There are some objectives in Floraison but on the whole it’s more of an meditative experience … Read More

A Boy And His Beard – Download Game

a boy and his beard game download

A Boy And His Beard is a charming little wave based survival game in which you use your luxurious beard to fend off skeletons, bikers, lumberjacks, pirates and Vikings!

In A Boy And His Beard you play a young boy … Read More

That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time – Download Game

That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time download

That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time is a short and silly physics based platformer from Landfall Games (TABS, Clustertruck) that sees you attempting to scale an exploding building to rescue a poor little cat!

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