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SYZYGY – Download Game

SYZYGY Game Download

SYZYGY is an entrancing and incredibly tough minimalist rhythm action game in which you time button presses as planets circle a sun.

The gameplay in SYZYGY is very simple, but very challenging, with you attempting to time spacebar presses as … Read More

FAITH – Download Game

FAITH Game Download

FAITH is a very freaky horror adventure that manages to squeeze a surprising amount of terror out of its retro 8-bit visual design, as you play a priest who returns to a home where an exorcism went seriously wrong one … Read More

Lost Memories Dot Net – Browser Game

Lost Memories Dot Net Game Download

Lost Memories Dot Net is a heartfelt narrative-based experience set in 2004, that relays its story of teen life, friendship and love triangles through an AIM-style messaging service and an Anime-filled blog that you create on your computer.

A little … Read More

Echo – Download Game

Echo Game Download

Echo is a stylish and informative little documentary-style exploration game that sees you attempting to use echolocation to guide three little bats to a new home.

In Echo you start by controlling a bat which can aim its echolocation in … Read More

Grey Plague – Download Game

Grey Plague Game Download

Grey Plague is a beautifully drawn narrative adventure that’s interspersed with virus hunting arcade sections in which you use your power to see into people’s internal organs to help combat the outbreak of a deadly disease.

Grey Plague is another … Read More

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