Catfishing Cuties – Browser Game

Catfishing Cuties is a charming little fishing game where you use different fake personalities as bait to catch dates with different fish!

Created for the GBJAM 8, Catfishing Cuties is a quirky little dating game that combines Tinder, fishing and catfishing. In the game you select a personality you’re going to use as a bait (such as Fit Fish, E-Girl or Mom-GF) then you cast your line into the water as in a traditional fishing game. When you get a bite you tap the Z key once when you see a small heart to get them interested and mash the Z button to reel them in when you see a big heart.

When you catch your fishy date you can then check out their profile in your dating app. There are lots of different fish to catch and catching them can depend on your bait, the time of day and the location. The time of day is based on real-time and the location changes each time you load the game so you’ll need to come back to date ‘em all!

It’s a fun little game with a wonderfully quirky premise and beautiful pixel artwork. A catfishing fishing game that’ll get you hooked!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Select, X – Back, A/S – Select Bait

Available On: All Browsers

Play Catfishing Cuties Here

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