Catpocalype Now – Browser Game

Catpocalypse Now Game

Catpocalype Now is a fun little game in which you use a laser pointer to get a cat to attack and destroy objects in a room.

Catpocalype Now combines two of cat’s favorite pastimes – chasing things and destroying things. In in you’re let loose in a small room with a laser pointer and a cat and are given just a few seconds to cause as much destruction as possible. Best played in full screen, you get the cat’s attention by using the mouse and the left mouse button to direct the pointer, shaking fast to get the cat to pounce and holding the pointer on the object for a few seconds once the cat starts attacking it to fully destroy it.

It’s a short and quirky little game, that’s well worth checking out if your feline in the mood for some cat-based carnage. You don’t have very long, but it’s surprising the amount of destuction a little kitty can get done in such a short time!

Controls: Mouse – Aim Pointer, LMB – Shine Pointer (Wiggle to Attack, Hold Position to Continue Attacking)

Available On: All Browsers

Play Catpocalype Now Here

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