Cave FRVR – Browser Game

Cave FRVR is an addictive Lunar Lander-esque arcade game that sees you collecting power-ups and attempting to descend as deep down a hazard filled procedurally generated cave system as possible.

In Cave FRVR you attempt to pilot a little ship as deep into a procedurally generated cave system as possible. You have a limited fuel supply, but there are a series of refuelling stations along the way which help – as long as you reach them before your fuel runs out! The deeper into the cave system you venture, the more hazards appear, including mines, laser beams and guided projectiles. Dodging these can make your way to the next refueling platform a challenge, but thankfully you can grab the occasional upgrade and power-up along the way which can help.

Like the procedurally generated caves you’re exploring there’s a surprising amount of depth to Cave FRVR. There’s a nice amount of unlocks, missions, power-ups and bonus stages, and the gameplay is easily accessible, but satisfyingly skill based. A cave exploring precision flying game well worth blasting off with.

Controls – Arrow Keys or Mouse – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Play Cave FRVR Here

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