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CAYNE is a remarkable isometric sci-fi horror point and click adventure in which you play a heavily pregnant protagonist who wakes up in a mysterious research facility after going for a routine abortion.

You never wanted a baby, you had a plan and getting pregnant wasn’t part of it. That’s why you decided to terminate it early on at an hi-tech and expensive looking medical institute (that thankfully someone else is paying for). However, it seems like someone has a different plan your you and you wake up months later strapped to a surgical bed in a dark and grimy underground facility with a deranged monstrosity about to rip your unborn child from your body.

Needless to say CAYNE has a pretty dark storyline, but it does have a sense of humor too, with your heavily pregnant protagonist who’s full of witty little quips and the occasional character who you can’t help but laugh at (such as the ridiculously angry man who’s just had his legs ripped off). It also features some clever puzzle design that can use some serious lateral thinking in parts, and an exceptional level of audio/visual design that really helps build a tense and unsettling atmosphere. It all combines to create a mature sci-fi adventure that we can’t recommend highly enough.

CAYNE is a standalone adventure set in the same universe as the also excellent STASIS, that’s been released by the devs to coincide with the Kickstarter for another fantastic looking adventure game in development – Beautiful DesolationIf you enjoy CAYNE, we highly recommend checking out the Beautiful Desolation as it looks to be an excellent evolution of the high quality game design seen in STASIS and CAYNE.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux (Via Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download CAYNE Here

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