Celeste 64 – Downloadable Game

Celeste 64 is a wholesome little N64 styled semi-sequel to Celeste, where Madeline sets out to relive the magic of Celeste Mountain.

Celeste 64 was created by Maddy Makes Games (creator of the original Celeste game) to celebrate Celeste’s six year anniversary. It sees Madeline returning to the mountain to relive some memories. It looks a whole lot different now though – it’s all in N64 styled 3D!

The shift to 3D does mean you lose a lot of the precision that made Celeste so great, but it’s a delightful little game nonetheless. It’s a joy to see Madeline and the mountain realized in full 3D and it’s just nice to return to the mountain. It’s like returning home (albeit to a home you’ve died in hundreds of times in the past!)

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows & Linux

Download Celeste 64 Here

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