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celestial mechanica

Celestial Mechanica is a wonderful pixel art metroidvania in which you play a celestial being banished from the heavens and trying to find a way back in.

You play a member of a mysterious race who saved humanity from being wiped out in a cataclysmic event, and continued to watch over them from a celestial fortress above the clouds.  Little is known about these beings and they have never been sighted on earth – until now.  You play a Mechanican who has been expelled from the fortress and sent down to earth, and must now find a way back.  What ensues is a charming and challenging pixel art platforming adventure in which you explore earth, meet interesting characters and unlock upgrades to allow you to progress.

Created by Roger Hicks (rComplex) and Paul Veer (animator of Super Crate Box), Celestial Mechanica impresses with its charming pixel art animation, fast paced puzzle platforming gameplay and excellent soundtrack.  A superb celestial metroidvania.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Z – Action,  X – Jump

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Download Celestial Mechanica Here

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