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Cemetery Warrior 4 is a cheesy, but fun and satisfyingly brutal old school run n’ gun first person shooter where you are a demon who must you fight his way out of Hell and exact revenge on his father.

The story is pretty irrelevant, but Cemetery Warrior 4 follows on from the events in Cemetery Warrior 3, where a brave monk sent a demon called Zexus to Hell. This installment sees you taking on the role of the demon Zexus himself as he fights his way through Hell and confronts his father who tormented him for losing the battle in part 3.

The gameplay in Cemetery Warrior 4 draws inspiration from Doom, Painkiller and Serious Sam and although it’s not particularly original, it is a lot of fun. Each level sees you fighting your way through a series of arenas filled with hordes of monsters that charge at you. You have a selection of four beefy weapon to keep them at bay (shotgun, machine gun, laser and grenade launcher), each of which has its uses, and you also have a powerful Demon Roar ability that can rip through enemies. You need to keep you ammo levels topped up though – which you do by sacrificing souls to a Soul Keeper who appears at random points in the arenas.

It’s not remotely original and the games it’s inspired by are better, but there’s something satisfying about mindlessly blasting demonic monsters to smithereens along to a cheesy heavy metal soundtrack. Well worth checking out for a bit of retro run n’ gun fun.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Shoot, RMB – Demon Roar, Shift – Run, Spacebar – Boost

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Cemetery Warrior 4 Here

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