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Chaintanks is a fun blend of Snake and top-down tank-artillery warfare in which you blast enemies and upgrade a train of up to six tanks as you attempt to prepare for a an epic climactic battle with a gigantic mega-tank.

Chaintanks offers a short and addictive slice of top down tank warfare that sees you going on missions and blasting other Chaintanks to earn cash that can then be used to purchase more upgrades. Each round there’s a choice of three different missions to embark on, each with varying amounts of risk and reward. It’s worth going for the most challenging missions as they offer more cash, but you have to be careful – if one of your tanks gets blown up then it’s you’ve lost all the cash you’ve spent on it, and if you lose the lead tank then it’s game over.

At the start of each round you can purchase a variety of upgrades for your Chaintank, ranging from extra tanks to better armor plating, all of which will increase your chances of success in the next battle and prepare you for the massive tank that you have to fight in the climactic battle. You only have a set amount of missions until your final battle so you really have to work on getting your Chaintank upgraded as much as possible beforehand.

It’s a fun premise with addictive gameplay and a satisfying loop of tank blasting action and upgrading. Any wimp can drive one tank, driving SIX tanks is is where the real fun is!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Fire

Available On: Win, Mac, Linux & Browser

Play or Download Chaintanks Here

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