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Chalk is a charming side scrolling shooter in which you don’t shoot, instead you draw on enemies and projectiles with crayons.

Featuring a wonderful chalk line animation style, you control your character with the WASD buttons and the chalk stick with the mouse.  You use the chalk in a variety of different ways throughout the game, tracing across hot-spots on enemies or firing projectiles back at them, with each boss requiring a different tactic from the last.  These bosses are a particular highlight, often huge, dangerous and wonderfully animated.

It’s an inventive chalk-em-up packed with innovation and character.  Chalk this one up as awesome.

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Draw

Available On:  Windows only

Note:  The devs also have LOTS of other great games that are worth checking out on the same download page.

Note 2:  You can also download the unfinished Chalk sequel (Luxe Chalk) Here

Download Chalk Here

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