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Checkmate is a third person horde mode chess combat game that sees you using your chess piece’s unique abilities and earning XP to level up into a higher ranking pieces.

Chess and third person horde mode combat may see like an odd match (because it is), but Checkmate manages to combine the two into an addictive and challenging experience. In the game you start as a pawn, capable of a single square diagonal attack and you attack by charging up your attacks with the left or right mouse button and releasing, damaging any piece that stands between you and where your attack finishes.

As you progress you’ll earn XP which automatically levels you up into different types of chess piece. Most of the time this makes things a little easier (though more enemies will be attacking), but the final transition is to a King, which can only attack the same distances as the pawn (though it can attack straight forwards by pressing the Shift key), which can make things pretty tricky. There are health packs scattered around the play area though which can improve your chances.

Checkmate is a far cry from the classic deeply strategic turn based board game, but it’s great fun and some of those chess pieces can do some serious damage!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB/RMB/Shift – Attack

Available On: Windows

Download Checkmate Here

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