Chess is Stupid – Downloadable Game

Chess is Stupid is a fun little Smash TV style top-down shooter where a mediocre Chess player does battle against boards filled with Chess pieces.

Created by wilson (creator of King of Machines and LOCUST,USA), Chess is Stupid is a fun little top-down shooter where a disgruntled Chess player gets sucked into a digital Chess game to prove his worth as a player. You need to clear each board of pieces before you move on and each piece moves/attacks as they would in a traditional game of Chess (although here are some boss battles with special pieces that behave differently).

The character controls much like in The Binding of Isaac, with you able to freely move around and shoot in different directions. This allows you more freedom than the enemy pieces, but you are vastly outnumbered and you only have three lives to last you for the whole game (though you can replenish these by killing a queen)

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a great little bite-sized twin-stick shooter with a nice sense of humor, excellent pixel art animation and a fun premise. Having the various Chess pieces mimic the movements they have in a real game of Chess is a great touch and it makes for a slightly more tactical take on the top-down shooter genre.

Controls: WASD – Shoot, Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows

Download Chess is Stupid Here

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