Chesscourt Mission – Browser Game

Chesscourt Mission is an inventive Chess based dungeon crawling puzzler where you attempt to rescue the King from a trap-filled dungeon.

You start each level of Chesscourt Mission controlling a Pawn who is on a mission to save the King from his dungeon entrapment. The Pawn can only move forwards and attack diagonally much like in Chess, but it can capture other pieces and if it reaches the far end of the level then it will turn into a Queen.

When you capture another piece then you swap places and switch control to that piece (and only that piece) until you capture another piece. You need to use this to help guide the King out of each level. Initially this is pretty easy, but as you progress the levels become littered with more and more traps, requiring you to really think about your movements and plan ahead.

It’s a very clever twist on the classic game of Chess with some fun little secrets and lots of cleverly crafted levels that will really test your problem solving skills. Well worth check-ing out!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Browser

Play Chesscourt Mission Here

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