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Chompston Game Download

Chompston is an addictive little mash-up of Bomberman and Pac-Man that sees you collecting dots around increasingly challenging randomly generated arenas, collecting power-ups and using bombs to destroy your enemies.

Chompston plays a lot like a traditional game of Pac-Man, but with one big caveat – you can fight back using bombs! You must collect all the dots that are scattered around each arena before moving on and must fend off the various types of enemies with your bombs while you do so.

There are several types of enemies, such as ghosts which can pass through bombs (but are still destroyed by them when they explode) or solid fire breathing monsters. Each time you blow up an enemy they drop a random power-up such as health, extra bombs and extra bomb strength which will aid you on your dot chomping adventure.

It’s a simple game, but fun, challenging and addictive – a clever little mash-up of two classic franchises that works surprisingly well.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Place Bomb

Available On: Windows

Download Chompston Here

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