Christmas Cat – Browser Game

Christmas cat

Christmas Cat is a charming festive spin-off of our previously featured Where Is Cat? in which you must examine your environment carefully and solve puzzles as you attempt to find all 20 of the missing Christmas tree baubles.

While you can find some of the baubles scattered around the house, or hidden behind objects, some others are hidden in far more devious locations that will really test your grey matter and observational skills.  The trickier locations require inputting codes, for which the clues are usually right in-front of your face, but you just don’t notice them.

With it’s charming visuals, jolly audio and inventive puzzles, Christmas Cat is a wonderful Christmas treat that will make you think and make you smile.  Definitely worth unwrapping.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Note:  If you’re ever stuck, play special attention to the patterns in your surroundings.

Play Christmas Cat Here

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