Christmas Dad Simulator – Browser Game

chrismas dad simulator

Christmas Dad Simulator is a very silly browser game in which you follow the antics of a hapless, easily distracted dad as he bumbles his way through Christmas Day.

Playing much like a visual novel, with you progressing the story by choosing from a variety of actions, you start the game with a simple objective – put up the Christmas tree lights.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) there are many distractions though – from a rogue deer, searching for that missing golf club or discovering your old music collection in the basement.

Christmas is the time of year when dads excel at cocking up, no more so than in Christmas Dad Simulator, often with hilarious results.  Sure, you may never get those lights up, but you’ll have a very merry Christmas playing this delightfully silly festive cracker!

Controls:  Point, Click & Laugh

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Christmas Dad Simulator Here

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