Christmas Time – Browser Game

christmas time game

Christmas Time is a fabulously inventive browser based festive puzzler in which you play the game in two browser tabs at once – one which represents the present time and one that’s set 15 minutes in the past!

Your charming little character has had a mishap while attempting to decorate his Xmas tree, if only you could travel back in time to fix it….. Well thankfully you’re in luck! Thanks to the very latest in browser based time travelling technology, if you open another browser tab and load the game in it then it will magically transport you 15 minutes back into the past!

Christmas Time is played via two browser tabs simultaneously, with you flipping between them to help you solve puzzles. Your goal is to decorate your tree without wrecking it and all of your actions in the past can affect the present (and some present time actions can have retroactive effects on the past). There are three possible endings in total, each affected by how you interact with the objects in the past and present.

A short, sweet and very inventive little time travelling Christmas caper that’ll really get you in the festive spirit.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Christmas Time Here

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