Chronodog: Earth Defender – Download Game

Chronodog: Earth Defender is a fun little puzzle game where you attempt to help a help a dog figure out the controls of a time-jamming spacecraft in time to stop a meteor from wiping out the Earth!

In Chronodog: Earth Defender you follow the brief, but eventful adventure of the titular Chronodog – an astronaut dog on his first day on the job. There’s a huge asteroid that’s on a collision course for Earth and thankfully your spacecraft is equipped with the latest in time-jamming equipment. The minor setback being that you have absolutely no idea how to operate it!

You start Chronodog: Earth Defender with just one second until the asteroid hits Earth, but for each piece of equipment you manage to operate properly time slows down a little and the screen zooms out a little to reveal more equipment. Each piece of equipment is operated differently and time is of the essence so you’d better think fast!

It only takes a few minutes to play through, but Chronodog: Earth Defender is a great little game with a quirky premise and a cleverly designed spaceship interface that’s fun to figure out. Will you get to grips with it before the Earth is decimated?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Chronodog: Earth Defender Here

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