Chronotopophobia – Browser Game

Chronotopophobia is a thought provoking little bitsy powered horror game that blends cosmic horror and social media as you descend into a darkness after trying to find some form of fulfillment and meaningful connection on social media.

In Chronotopophobia you step into the shoes of a modern day protagonist who is addicted to social media and believes that fulfillment can come from consuming content. Hours can fly by as you search for some form of happiness or meaningful connection in the various memes, art, shitposts, videos and clickbait that makes up the majority of social media – often to the detriment of your physical life. Then you descend into strange network of underground caves which represent the internet, but are home to a cosmic horror monstrosity which may well consume you…

Taking around 25 minutes to play through, Chronotopophobia is a very dark and thought provoking little horror adventure. The pixel artwork is fantastic and the audio does a great job of building atmosphere. It’s full of great symbolism and imagery, such as the three key items you find (an empty box, a key that has no lock and a blank book), all pointing out how empty, superficial and pointless Social media can be. It warns us not to place too much value in the consumption of social media and not to become consumed by it.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Chronotopophobia Here

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