circloO 2 – Browser Game

circloO 2 is a very chilled out physics based puzzle platformer where you roll a ball around cleverly designed levels which expand as you collect the various orbs within them.

circloO 2 is the sequel to the previously featured circloO and another perfect example of minimalist physics based puzzle platforming. The controls are very simple, with you only being able to roll left or roll right (you can’t even jump), but thanks to the momentum and physics of your ball and the other objects in the levels you’re capable of some pretty incredible feats.

Ball rolling physics based platformers are nothing new, but what really sets circloO 2 apart is its intricate level design. The way every single element in each level is perfectly placed and the way each expands as you play is a masterstroke of game design.

It’s an excellent game that has a very playful and chilled out approach to the gameplay, whilst also featuring some wonderfully intricate level design. A very impressive puzzle platformer you’ll really want to roll with. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Browser & Android

Gameplay Video: Here

Play circloO 2 Here

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