Circuit Design – Browser Game

Circuit Design is a simple but addictive little browser based puzzler where you attempt to untangle circuit boards so that no connection crosses another one.

The controls and visuals of Circuit Design are simple, but the solutions are not. Each puzzle consists of a selection of nodes with connections between them and you can swap them two at a time by clicking on them. Any connection that crosses another connection is colored red and you need to shuffle the nodes around so that none of them cross and they all turn black. Things start off fairly easily but the difficulty soon ramps up as you deal with more complex circuits that are a mass of nodes and connections.

It’s a very addictive little game that gives you a similar sense of satisfaction that you get from unravelling a mass of wires. A tricky little puzzler well worth getting tangled up in.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Circuit Design Here

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