Citri Plays Noirwood – Browser Game

Citri Plays Noirwood is a fun little pixel art horror game about a VTuber who’s attempting a playthrough of a creepy retro horror game called Noirwood.

Created by AploveStudio (creator of Roseblight and Terato Tamer) for Ludum Dare 51, Citri Plays Noirwood is a horror game about a VTuber playing a horror game. The VTuber is an orange-themed girl called Citri – she’s bubbly, buxom and a little irritating (like any good VTuber is). The game she’s playing is Noirwood – a top-down Slenderman-esque horror game where she has to find seven relics while avoiding a monster which appears every ten seconds.

The actual Noirwood game is a little rough around the edges and gets a little repetitive, but Citri does a great job as a VTuber and really brings it to life. She reacts to the gameplay and has some very funny reactions to the chat. It’s a clever concept with a fun sense of humor and a delightfully dark twist. Highly recommended.

Available On: Browser

Controls: WASD – Movement

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Citri Plays Noirwood Here

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