Claim your FREE BitBuddy™ TODAY! – Downloadable Game

Claim your FREE BitBuddy™ TODAY! is an oddly touching little virtual pet game where the permadeath pets really don’t want to die.

Created by Daniel Mullins (creator of Inscryption and Pony Island) for Ludum Dare 50, Claim your FREE BitBuddy™ TODAY! is a virtual pet game where you really need to cherish your time with your little digital buddy. As far as virtual pets go, it’s fairly basic, with you (initially) only able to feed your BitBuddy™, enter a promo code or quit the game. Exiting the game will permanently kill your BitBuddy™ though – you wouldn’t want to do that would you?

Don’t expect anything quite as mind-blowing as Inscryption or Pony Island, but it’s a Daniel Mullins game there is a little more to Claim your FREE BitBuddy™ TODAY! than first meets the eye. There are some fun little surprises, but what’s most surprising is the bond you form with your little buddy during the time with it, which makes saying goodbye so much harder. R.I.P. BitBuddy.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Claim your FREE BitBuddy™ TODAY! Here

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