Classic Space Adventure – Browser Game

Classic Space Adventure is a fun fan made Lego retro platforming adventure based on the Classic Space Lego set, and sees you controlling a Red Lego Spaceman that takes him deep under the surface of Mars.

Forget licensed Star Wars and Marvel Lego sets, back in the day you just had generic town, castle and space based Lego sets where you used your imagination to build stuff rather than instruction manuals. Classic Space Adventure draws inspiration from the Classic Space set (the same one Benny the 1980-Something Space Guy in the Lego Movie was from) and puts you in control of a humble Red Spaceman as he uncovers the many secrets hidden beneath the surface of Mars.

It’s a sizeable adventure that’s spread across eleven chapters and if full of quirky characters to meet, enemies to blast, secrets to discover and simple, but fun action platforming gameplay. The visual design is excellent, feeling a lot more Lego-like than the official Lego games and there’s lots to discover as you delve below the surface of Mars. A cheerful, charming and playful Lego adventure well worth blasting off with.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, C – Jump, X – Fire, Up – Enter Door, Return – Talk/Use, M – Map, Esc – Item Menu

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Classic Space Adventure Here

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