Click to Continue – Browser Game

Click to Continue is a fun little game that tests just how far you will go to get the glorious satisfaction of pressing a button.

Created for Ludum Dare 50, Click to Continue takes place in a game that’s about to end. Or rather it would end, if you didn’t keep on clicking the buttons to continue. The narrator (and the developer) would rather you didn’t do that though, so please don’t!

The gameplay in Click to Continue is very simple (you literally do just click to continue), but the voicework and the hilarious situations you get put in makes for a very entertaining experience. There’s a touch of Stanley Parable to the humor, and it makes you do some incredibly dark things in pursuit of the simple joy of clicking a button. How far will you go you monster?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Play Click to Continue Here

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