Clicker Heroes – Browser Game

hero clicker

Clicker Heroes is a highly addictive incremental clicker in which you travel across lands and battle a wide array of beasts and bosses, all the while collecting gold and upgrading your characters.

Starting off with just your humble mouse pointer, you click on the enemies displayed on screen until they die and drop their gold.  This gold can be used to buy and upgrade new heroes with bonuses and special moves.  Your army soon builds up as you travel the lands, and the boss battles that occur every five levels are a real test of your armies might (and your clicking speed).

The constant stream of upgrades and charming graphical style make Clicker Heroes a seriously addictive game – steer clear is you have any plans for the day!

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click (A lot!)

Available On:  Browser

Play Clicker Heroes Here

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