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Clockwatch is a beautifully animated pixel art action platforming adventure set in a clockwork land that’s plagued by a cold-blooded deity and its robotic minions.

Created by Alpove Studion (creator of Roseblight), Clockwatch is an action platforming adventure that puts you in the shoes of Emily – a mechanic/fighter who is entrusted with keeping the large clock-like “Timekeepers” in her clockwork world running. At the start of the game she receives a call from HQ about a damaged Timekeeper and she sets out to investigate with her trusty wrench to help restore the space-time continuum to it’s normal state.

The combat is a little basic and frustrating at times (your little wrench isn’t the most impressive of weapons), but other than that Clockwatch is a great little action platforming adventure. The pixel art animation is fantastic, the setting and lore of the world feels very unique and the mechanical monsters are well designed. A great little clockwork adventure well worth making time for.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Clockwatch Here

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