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Coil is a wonderfully serene 3rd person adventure where you explore a mysterious land and bring inner peace to its inhabitants.

In Coil you are a new visitor to a cluster of floating islands, whose inhabitants all appear to be missing something important which is preventing them from leaving. It’s up to you to find the things that will bring them inner peace, and hopefully along the way it will help you find peace too.

The gameplay in Coil is simple but very pleasant. You stroll around the islands, chatting to the inhabitants and searching for useful objects. It’s often worth chatting to the inhabitants multiple times as they can open up new avenues of investigation. And it’s also worth noting that they need to be given two key objects before moving on (not just the one).

It’s a delightful little game with a vibrant retro visual style and tons of charm. It’s a real pleasure getting to know the characters and you find yourself genuinely wanting to help them, rather than just helping them to progress the game. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, Shift – Run, Interact – E, Inventory – R

Available On: Windows

Download Coil Here

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