Coldline – Downloadable Game

Coldline is a wonderfully infuriating Cold War thriller where you attempt to stop a nuclear war via a convoluted automated telephone system.

Created by Adam Pype (creator of SPOOKWARE and No Players Online), Coldline sees you are attempting to navigate a user-unfriendly telephone system to stop and nuclear war. It appears the Kremlin has accidentally launched a nuclear strike on America. To stop nuclear Armageddon you now need to contact the authorities in America and warn them of the strike and get them to intercept it. Thankfully your hotline does connect you to the White House but to get your job done you’ll need to use your keypad to navigate its infuriating automated menu systems in just 10 minutes. Which really isn’t easy!

It’s a fun little game that does a great job of building up tension as the time ticks down as well as making you increasingly exasperated at its (deliberately) convoluted automated telephone system. Nobody likes interacting with those damn robo-calls the best of times let alone during the threat of a nuclear apocalypse!

Controls: Keypad

Available On: Windows

Download Coldline Here

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