Collapse – Browser Game


Collapse is a short web game created by Ubisoft, that uses a Google Maps-style interface to personalise your experience of the end of the world.

Created to promote Ubisoft’s upcoming The Division, you play patient zero for a virus that wipes out civilization as we know it. The gameplay is fairly simple – you just insert your address (or any address in the world), and choose actions that are tailored to your specific location. These actions, such as going to your local hospital, chemist or airport all affect the spread of the disease and how long it takes the virus to wipe out humanity.

We’ve seen something similar to this before, with Corpseburg (in which you attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse), and although Collapse isn’t quite as interactive, it is a very slick and interesting experience. How long will it take you to end life as we know it?

Controls:  Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Collapse Here

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