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Colliderscope is a chilled out and cerebral first person puzzler where you attempt to push and pull blocks into specific shapes.

The rules in Colliderscope are simple – you can push blocks with the left mouse button and pull them with the right mouse button. If two similarly colored blocks come into contact with each other then they’ll join together, but if you anchor one block against an immovable object and push the other then they’ll separate. You need to use your block pushing abilities to try and shape the blocks into specific shapes across 50 cleverly crafted levels.

After a handful of simple tutorial levels, Colliderscope really gets really interesting when it starts tasking you with making more complex shapes. As you can’t physically lift anything you have to really think about your actions, with you using spatial logic and planning to build your rudimentary 3D sculptures.

It’s a very impressive puzzler with stylish visuals and some very well crafted puzzles. The level design can get fiendishly tough but you never get stressed out thanks to the chilled out environment (and the fact that you can instantly undo any mistakes). Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, LMB Push Block, RMB – Pull Block

Available on: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Colliderscope Here

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