Conception Connection – Browser Game

conception connection

Conception Connection is a fantastic (and potentially emotionally scarring) online playtoy in which you insert your birth date then look on in horror as it calculates your conception date and the significant historical events that may of caused your parents to get it on.

After typing in your birthdate, Conception Connection will throw up a selection of important events that happened throughout the world during the time of your conception.  These can range from happy events, such as the moon landing, to spectacularly unpleasant ones, such as the jonestown massacre.

It’s a fun and thought provoking experience discovering what may of caused your conception.  Be warned, the stakes are pretty high – nobody likes to think of their parents having sex, but things get a whole lot more disturbing when you find out it may be mass murder that gets your parents aroused!

Controls:  Type & Pray The Results Aren’t Too Horrific!

Available On:  All Browsers

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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