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CONCLUSE is a dread-filled PS1/VHS video nasty styled first person horror adventure that sees you travelling to a town called ‘Hell’ to find your missing wife.

In CONCLUSE you take on the role of Michael Benson, a worried husband who is at his wits end after his wife has been missing for three years. He has now received an anonymous tip that she was seen in a town (worryingly) called Hell in the boondocks of New England. You set out in search for her but it seems that maybe the town is called Hell for a reason!

CONCLUSE doesn’t just look like an old PS1 survival horror game, it plays like one too (albeit without the combat). It doesn’t use jump scares, instead it instills you with a deep sense of dread, much like the early Silent Hill games. The grainy low rez visuals do a great job of showing you just enough of the game world and the horrors that lurk within it to fill you with terror – your imagination fills in the rest. It’s a very unsettling experience and as soon as you step off the train you wish you could go back, but it looks like you only bought a one way ticket to Hell…

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download CONCLUSE Here

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