Congamoeba: The Amoebic Friendship Simulator – Browser Game

Congamoeba game

Congamoeba: The Amoebic Friendship Simulator is a charming little Simon-esque puzzler in which you learn a strange amoebic language, copy friendly greetings and build a massive conga line of amoeba friends!

In Congamoeba your goal is to help an amoeba make as many little amoebic friends as possible.  You move around the game world using the WASD keys and ‘talk’ to other amoeba by using the UHJKL keys.  When you bump into an amoeba you start talking to them and must copy the sequences of noises they make to make friends with them and get them to join your conga line.  You have to learn their language though as each noise (accompanied by a shape), is performed by pressing one of the UHJKL keys, but you won’t know which is which until you have a few conversations.

It’s a cute little puzzler with adorable little creatures and a charming language learning premise.  A cheerful and charming little single cellular conga!

Controls: WASD – Movement, HUJKL – Communicate

Available On: All Browsers

Play Congameba: The Amoebic Friendship Simulator Here

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